VICTIM is a fully loaded experience, known for their wild and interactive live shows and killer Hard Rock tunes. ​​​Powered by their die-hard fans, and with a true passion for reinventing Rock n' Roll, the group seldom takes a break from touring and producing kick ass material.

The latest album, No Remedy, is like nothing that has ever been released by this or any other band. Guaranteed to make your dick hard and your girlfriend's (or girlfriends') panties creamy, the album focuses on the intense perspective of a social outcast and relies on the most bad ass guitar riffing north of the 20th century (Enter Eric Buuuuudihaaaasss).

VICTIM is: Cris Moser, Eric Budihas, Lee Billy, Billy Bones Caufman, and Donn Dusty Jacoby

See ya at the next party, bitches!

Original independent music from The Lehigh Valley, PA

One could say that VICTIM began in a cold, bi-polar, north-eastern subarb of Pennsylvania back in the late 2000's. That's not where we should start our story, however... It truly began when guitarist Eric Budihas called his old buddy Moser and told him to get his bitch-ass back from the golden coast to resurrect a band that had never fullfilled its potential. I guess that destiny had a part in it because one month later, Moz had a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Allentown....

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VICTIM - Get on board, or get run over. #MarchOnFairfax 

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